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Ohad Talmor-Russ Johnson The Other Quartet “13 pieces” (with Jim Hershman, Mike Sarin) (Knitting Factory, 1998)
Ohad Talmor-Russ Johnson The Other Quartet “Sound Stains” (with Russ Johnson, Pete McCann, Mark Ferber) (Knitting Factory, 2001)
MOB Trio “Loose” (with Matt Wilson, Bob Bowen) (Omnitone, 1999)
Lee Konitz, Ohad Talmor & Axis Quartet “Plays French Impressionist Music of the 20th Century” (Palmetto, 2000)
BlueSeven “Dexter” (with Daniel D’Alcántara, Denis Lee, David Richards, Ricardo Castellanos, Bob Bowen, Matt Wilson, Rogerio Boccato) (BSR, 2002)
Christophe Schweizer “Full Circle Rainbow” (with Jason Moran , Billy Hart ) (TCB Records, 2003)
MOB Trio “Quite Live in Brooklyn” (with Matt Wilson, Bob Bowen) (Omnitone, 2004)
Steve Swallow-Ohad Talmor 6tet “Bum’s Tale” (with Greg Tardy, Russ Johnson, Meg Okura, Jacob Garchik) (Palmetto, 2004)
Lee Konitz, Ohad Talmor String Project “Inventions” (Spring String 4tet) (Omnitone, 2004)
Demian Cabaud “Naranja” (with Phil Grenadier, Leo Genovese, Gerald Cleaver) (FreshSound, 2008)
Lee Konitz New Nonet (Directed by Ohad Talmor) (Omnitone, 2005)
Steve Swallow / Ohad Talmor / Adam Nussbaum “Playing in Traffic” (Auand Records, 2008)
TOAP Collectivo in Guimaraes “Vol. IV” (with Bernardo Sassetti, Demian Cabaud, Dan Weiss) (TOAP, 2009)
Ohad Talmor NEWSREEL (with Shane Endsley, Miles Okazaki , Jacob Sacks, Matt Pavolka, Dan Weiss ; Auand Records 2008/9)
Evaristo Perez Trio feat Ohad Talmor “Why” (with Evaristo Perez, Cédric Gysler,Tobie Langel) (2009)
BlueSeven “Collage” (Daniel D’Alcántara, Denis Lee, Luis Neto, Josué dos Santos, Djalma Lima, R. Castellanos, Sidiel Vieira, C. Teixeira) (BSR, 2010)
Kurt Rosenwinkel and OJM “Our Secret World” (WOM, 2010)
Evaristo Perez Trio feat Ohad Talmor “Suite Paul Klee” (with Evaristo Perez, Cédric Gysler, David Meier) (2012)
Sebastien Ammann “Samadhi” (with Dave Ambrosio, Eric McPherson) (FreshSound, 2013)
Steve Swallow / Ohad Talmor / Adam Nussbaum “Singular Curves” (Auand Records, 2014)
Dan Weiss “Fourteen” (Pi Records, 2014)
Axel Fischbacher 4tet feat Ohad Talmor “Normal” (with Axel Fischbacher, Adam Nussbaum, Johannes Weidenmüller) (Jazzsick Records, 2015)
Justin Mullens Octet “The Cornucopiad” (BJU Records, 2016)
Dan Weiss “Sixteen:Drummers Suite” (Pi Records, 2016)
Ohad Talmor – Christoph Irniger CounterpointS “Subway Lines” (with Baenz Oester, Vinnie Sperrazza) (FreshSounds Records, 2017)
Adam Nussbaum “Lead Belly Project” (with Steve Cardenas, Nate Radley) (Sunnyside Records, 2018)
Lee Konitz Nonet Conducted & Arranged by Ohad Talmor “Old Songs New” (Sunnyside Records, 2019)
Ohad Talmor Newsreel Sextet “Long Forms” (Intakt Records, 2020)
Ohad Talmor Septet featuring Lee Konitz – “8 Déjà Vus” (Live in Luxembourg 1998)
Ohad Talmor Solo Tenor Saxophone – “Silence for the Record” (2019)