Large Ensemble(s)


Ohad Talmor’s Grand Ensemble features music composed for big band type orchestration.
The repertoire focuses on Études – highly demanding pieces of music  aimed at bringing forth difficult formal and technical musical constraints combined with showcasing the virtuoso qualities of the musicians playing in the ensemble.

Etude No 1 for Large Ensemble (for G. Ligeti)

Etude No 2 for Large Ensemble (for A Tribe Called Quest)

An interview introducing a series of concerts given by Ohad Talmor Grand’s Ensemble at the Jazz Gallery in 2015 where he talks about his Études and other large ensembles work can be found here: The Well-Studied Composer

diokan suite – mixed large ensemble with electronics

“Diokan (Portrait) Suite” for a 17 Pieces mixed large ensemble is a commission from the European Broadcasting Union.  The repertoire  brings together orchestral music mixed with orchestral and electronics showcasing poetry by Yehuda Talmor, Ohad’s late father.

Part 3 (Isorhythmic)

Part 6 (Diokan)


A few examples of arrangements done on other leading composer-improvisers music.

Path of the Heart – Kurt Rosenwinkel (from Kurt Rosenwinkel& OJM “Our Secret World” WOM, 2012)

Sound Lee – Lee Konitz (from the album “Portology”, Omnitone 2007)


“A Bum’s Tale” is a 6tet co-led by Steve swallow and Ohad Talmor. Borrowing from Igor Stravinsky instrumentation from his 1918 “Soldier’s Tale” (minus the percussion), Talmor drastically re-arranges Steve Swallow’s music.

Amazing – Steve Swallow (recorded live at the Jazz Standard, NYC)