Ohad TALMOR is the Composition and Arrangement Professor at the CPMDT-AMR Geneva, Switzerland (Geneva Conservatoire Populaire de Musique, Dance et Théatre).
Adjunct  Professor for Saxophone at the New School and for Composition at the City University of New York (City College and Queens College)

If you are interested in studying with Ohad, please use the contact form page to reach out. 

In its simplest expression, Music is nothing more than “sounds through time”. In its most powerful and profound expression, Music is the embodiment of Universal and Enlightened World(s) within all of us. That we are capable of creating, each and everyone of us, structured musical universes which can potentially relate to all mankind is a miracle in and of itself. It speaks of responsibility toward ourselves and toward everyone at large.
As per my experience of all Music, heard, played, practiced and studied, I found that there are commonalities which tie the Making of the Musical Experience, regardless of the genre, style or times. I call these commonalities the “4 Pillars” ;

1 –  Tone, as in what is the carrier of the Sound
2 –  Time, as in Rhythm
3 – Pitch, as in the distinct organisation, or not, of pitched sounds
4 – the How, as in all the elements that are combined in the experience of the making of Music: articulation, dynamics, feel, tempo, etc.

Though these 4 core elements may seem reducing, I find that none can exist without the other to express any types of Music, and beyond that, give sense to the any kind of musical experience.