Samples of Scores for a variety of Ensembles.
All these works are free to view

Music for LARGE Ensembles(s)

ÉTUDE No 1 for Large Ensemble (Big Band)
Big Band Étude No1 - Score

ÉTUDE No 2 for Large Ensemble (Big Band)
Etude for Big Band 2 - SCORE

ISORHYTHMIC  from “DIOKAN Suite” for the Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra 2015
EuroRadio Jazz Orchestra Isorhythmic

Music for SMALL Ensemble(s)

LONG FORMS Complete Score – Newsreel 6tet

THEME AND VARIATIONS for Trio (Tenor Sax/Guitar/Drums)
Trio Theme & Variations - Score

KAMALI CHAKRADAR for Trio (Tenor Sax/Guitar/Drums)
Kamali Chakradar Concert condensed

AMAZING by the Swallow – Talmor Sextet (Tenor Sax/Violin/Trumpet/Trombone/ Bass)
Swallow/Talmor 6tet - Amazing

Music for Strings & Symphonic

LAYAS – Piano/Drums Concert Score – Symphonic Orchestra, Large Jazz Ensemble, Piano and Drums
LAYAS - Piano/Drums Concert Score

SCHERZO – Mass Transformation Nonet –  based on Anton Bruckner’s 8th Symphony
String 4tet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Drums, Sampled electronics
Mass Transformation Nonet - 8th Symphony scherzo